Spam-ringare blir överlistad av polis

USA, och egentligen hela västvärlden, plågas av så kallade spam-callers – det vill säga bedragare som försöker lura vanliga människor på pengar. Ibland lyckas spam-ringarna med sitt uppdrag, ibland inte – och i fallet ovan går det lyckligtvis helt åt skogen för den oärlige rackaren.

Som ni själva märker arbetar kvinnan i klippet ovan polis, och verkar ta hans ”nu blir du arresterad”-dravel med en större knippe salt.

En annan man som verkar ha tröttnat på dessa fifflare är Alex Martin, som ger dessa svar på tal i sin podcast. Nedan följer ett litet smakprov, och hela podcast-avsnittet hittar ni här.

BRITISH VOICE: We seriously recommend you to call us on 1-844-885-0011. We request you not to use your computer or other Mac devices before speaking to our certified technicians.

PJ: Okay.

ALEX GOLDMAN: And—and so I’m thinking to myself, ”Hm. I don’t think my iCloud is compromised.”

PJ: Yeah.

ALEX GOLDMAN: So I called them back:


RECORDING: Your call is very important to us. Please stay on the line and you will be transferred to the next available agent.

[Hold Music]


ALEX MARTIN: Thank you for calling — talking to Alex. How can I help you?

ALEX GOLDMAN: What a coincidence. My name is Alex. Uh, I got a call that said that there was some sus–

ALEX MARTIN: No, your name is Michael Goldman!

ALEX GOLDMAN: My middle name is Alex. I go by Alex.

ALEX MARTIN: — Oh, you go by Alex. Okay Alex. How can I help you?

ALEX GOLDMAN: Yeah, I got a call that- so there was some kind of suspicious activity going on on my iCloud.

ALEX MARTIN: Okay. What kind of activity? How do you know about that?

ALEX GOLDMAN: I got a call from you guys.

ALEX MARTIN: You got a call?


ALEX MARTIN: Alright. Alex we have seen that your IP address has been compromised from other countries in the last 2 days. Have you been to some other countries, using your devices over there?


ALEX MARTIN: And do you have any computer, like a laptop or desktop with you.


ALEX MARTIN: Alex, the thing is that we need the help of a computer so we can rectify this kind of issues. Is that possible you can access the computer, please?

ALEX GOLDMAN: Yeah, I’m standing right in front—I’m sitting right in front of it. Just to be clear, you guys from Apple?

ALEX MARTIN: Yes sir, I’m a certified technician to support Apple. That’s right.

ALEX GOLDMAN: Okay. Do you have some kind of uh ID—ID number that I can call Apple to cross reference? Cause I don’t—I’ve never experienced anything like this before.

ALEX MARTIN: Sir, you are already calling us, so you will call us back to ask for my ID number?

ALEX GOLDMAN: Uh…yeah! Well, I’m trying to figure out what’s going on here. And I just—I don’t, you know. I’m- I’m curious what’s going on…

ALEX MARTIN: So you want to call one of our technician here to verify my IP address—my I–my ID, right?

ALEX GOLDMAN: No, no, no, no, no, no– I want to call Apple to verify–

ALEX MARTIN: — You are already calling us, sir. So, you want to hang up the call and call us again?

ALEX GOLDMAN: No, how do I know you guys are Apple, though? What proof do I have? I’m looking up this phone number. I don’t see it associated with Apple at all.

ALEX MARTIN: You can look that again, sir.

ALEX GOLDMAN: I’m looking up this phone number online. It does not say that it is any–it’s related to Apple in any way. So I’m trying to figure out who you are. Who are you? Are you calling from Apple?

ALEX MARTIN: We are anonymous. We are legion. Expect us.

ALEX GOLDMAN: You’re–oh, you’re anonymous, you’re legion, expect you?


ALEX GOLDMAN: Are you come (laugh)– Are you coming for me?

ALEX MARTIN: We will be demolishing all of your social identities.

ALEX GOLDMAN: All of my-my–me personally, or like–?

ALEX MARTIN: We — have broken some laws on the internet. — have — some porn sites displaying some sort of child porn. We have eh-detected some issues. And we have –deducted that whoever you, wherever — are, we will be demolishing all your social identity and leaking them on the porn site itself.

ALEX GOLDMAN: You’re going–just I want to be perfectly–I want to be perfectly clear here. You’re saying that you are going to, first of all, destroy all of my social media stuff. Then you’re going to leak it onto a porn site?

ALEX MARTIN: That’s right.

ALEX GOLDMAN: Uh, cool. I’m recording this. Um, I hope that you like being on YouTube, cause this is definitely gonna-gonna to go on there.

ALEX MARTIN: (laughs) Seriously? Tell me the channel. Where–What name will you upload it?

ALEX GOLDMAN: Uh okay. So, what–So eh- in all honesty like what is your- what is the deal–

ALEX MARTIN: –You tell me. You tell me. What’s the channel name? What’s the channel name? I will subscribe you. I will like you. — I will do everything.

ALEX GOLDMAN: Cool. What’s the scam you guys are running? What are you—What do you do…When you call people what are you trying to get from them? What-Do you sell them antivirus software? Is that the deal?

ALEX MARTIN: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s what we do.

ALEX GOLDMAN: And how much are you selling it for?


ALEX GOLDMAN: Really!? $400?

ALEX MARTIN: Yeah. Yeah.

ALEX GOLDMAN: And how—and like How oft–How many sales would you say you make in a day?

ALEX MARTIN: Here are- Here we are around 50 to 55 people and we make around…I-I personally make around six or seven sales a day.

ALEX GOLDMAN: So, six or seven sales a day. So that’s what? So it’s like seven, four. I’m really bad at math, I’m sorry. That’s like 2800 dollars a day?

ALEX MARTIN: Somewhat.

ALEX GOLDMAN: Wow! How much a that do you get to keep?

ALEX MARTIN: 50 percent.

ALEX GOLDMAN: 50 percent?


ALEX GOLDMAN: Don’t you feel bad at all about scamming people who don’t know anything about computers?

ALEX MARTIN: No I don’t.

ALEX GOLDMAN: Why–Why not?

ALEX MARTIN: Why would I?


ALEX MARTIN: You guys have a lot of money that needs to be spent.

ALEX GOLDMAN: Who-Who is “you guys”? Who are you talking about?

ALEX MARTIN: Like, the people we scam.

ALEX GOLDMAN: But, how do you know how much money I have?

ALEX MARTIN: We judge them, like we make a judgement. Like, somebody with the name Richard or –having a really good name, you say like, ”They all–they must be having good amount of money.”

ALEX GOLDMAN: Wait–eh-people- m- The amount of money someone has isn’t based on what their name is!


ALEX GOLDMAN: Um. Lemme- How do you choose me–how’d you find [Fades]

ALEX GOLDMAN: So this guy who says his name’s Alex Martin we talk for a couple more minutes. Um, I ask him stuff like “How did you get my number?” And he won’t answer me and then he hangs up. So the second time I called back, I did not get Alex Martin, sadly. I got a different guy.

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